black and white photo of 5 people in age order- very elderly woman/great-great-grandmother, senior woman/great grandmother, late middle-age woman/grandmother, young adult woman/mother, child of 2 or 3 years/daughter.

How Will Art Change in the Now-Times?

Something I loved about studying art history in college was learning about history-history through it. I mostly glazed over in history classes in high school and college but art really does make events come alive. visual, music, theatre. How did art change during the Renaissance? Industrial revolution? Great depression?

How will art change in the 2020s? We’ve been through an incredible rupture in the way we approach each other, things, politics, life! I’m really, really looking forward to watching art evolve before my eyes as we experience big events in what will become history. Some day an art historian will tell a person who did not live through the Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic about how much we touched each other before, how our concepts of cleanliness changed, and representations of groups of people took on whole new meaning for people who were very, very isolated. Let’s see what other ways art can bring us together, whether physically or spanning the internet and world.