Link Roundup, Issue 4

I had a great, relaxing holiday season, how about you? The 3 of us hung out at my parents’ place in Arlington, TX with my brother and small cast of assorted old friends for Christmas. (Through all kinds of weather, see above photo for proof, the Friday pictured was Xmas Day.) Then for New Year’s Eve just us adults went down to Austin and spent time with other assorted old friends then hopped down to San Antonio to kick it with sister- and brother-in-law. God bless happily babysitting grandparents! Then yesterday we went and saw Kehinde Wiley: A new Republic at the FW Modern. So good, and closes Sunday! The show was at Brooklyn Museum earlier in 2015 and will subsequently travel to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art later this year.


Below, a The Toast-heavy linky list:

Confession: New York City took my marshmallows.

The most powerless people in the art world, from Hyperallergic.

On emotional labor, revelatory on its own but do some more reading, mmkay?

Best of Art F City in 2015.

18 Children’s books with female main characters, from Cup of Jo.

Catching up with friends in other ways than getting drinks or coffee.

Hot dudes…of color, helloooo nurse!

Marvelous cousin doing important research, quoted in WaPo, and the original HBR article that piqued their interest.

Recently hooked on Jessica Jones – article contains sorta spoilers, but watch the show and read the article.


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