Link Roundup Vol. 1, Issue 1

I’ve been keeping busy lately, reading a lot, watching cool things, and enjoying my little fam in our still-newish setting. I have a few posts in the works, but in the meantime, here are some things I’ve enjoyed along the way.

Seemingly little details make a big difference in a children’s book.

Speaking of children’s books, do today’s children see themselves in their literature?

Qatar has announced plans for a museum on a difficult topic.

An art that doesn’t get much thought or credit from those who don’t practice it. (GREAT video, 9 minutes well spent).

Discussion-provoking article on improvements the art world could undertake.

Something to consider (school-wise) when we are ready to find a place of our own.

This guy makes the best maps and now he has an art show in Portland (through December).

Worth a try to get to travel more places?!

Photo of our Halloween costumes by John Herbert.