Day After Reading: Around the USA

Through a fun grapevine of New York professionals &  friends, I got connected with a graphic artist named Luodvic Balland to help with publicity for his project Day After Reading. Balland is traveling with a team of journalists, historians and supporters to interview people about the news. What is your earliest memory of the news? How do you get your news? etc. They started in New York City, went to Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis (where they got to be on the Washington University (aka WUSTL) campus during the debate that was also held there.

Now, I am helping to arrange interviews around the country, an exciting, fast-paced job for someone in a small town. I’ve gotten to speak to folks all around the country to see if they or a colleague or friend could be interviewed. Julie from Robert’s in Nashville is THE best! Jesse Lee Jones has a great story to tell, and I bet Julie does too.

The following city, in Memphis they were interviewed for a post on The Atlantic’s CityLab.

Today we interview the Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, then go to the Texas State Fair! What do you recommend we eat while there, fellow Texans?

Afterward, they will head west to go to Marfa and Fort Davis to visit the Chinati foundation and McDonald Observatory, respectively. I would love to go out west with them, but I will stay in Waco for about 5 days, then go off to Columbus, Ohio for a community leaders initiative of NeighborWorks America.

They will then go on to New Orleans, Miami, and DC for the election. More to come!

Image: Claire Sexton, Dr. Tiffany Anthony, abdominal transplant surgeon, during her interview 10/12/16 at Baylor Medical Center Dallas.

Link Roundup Vol. 1, Issue 1

I’ve been keeping busy lately, reading a lot, watching cool things, and enjoying my little fam in our still-newish setting. I have a few posts in the works, but in the meantime, here are some things I’ve enjoyed along the way.

Seemingly little details make a big difference in a children’s book.

Speaking of children’s books, do today’s children see themselves in their literature?

Qatar has announced plans for a museum on a difficult topic.

An art that doesn’t get much thought or credit from those who don’t practice it. (GREAT video, 9 minutes well spent).

Discussion-provoking article on improvements the art world could undertake.

Something to consider (school-wise) when we are ready to find a place of our own.

This guy makes the best maps and now he has an art show in Portland (through December).

Worth a try to get to travel more places?!

Photo of our Halloween costumes by John Herbert.